"The school's work to promote pupils' personal development and welfare is outstanding."
"Effectiveness of leadership and management is Outstanding"
"Quality of teaching, learning and assessment is Outstanding"
"Overall effectiveness is Outstanding"
"Outcomes for pupils is Outstanding"


Parents and carers are encouraged to play an active and positive role in their child's education at Bow Street School. We want to keep you up-to-date and reassured as to their progress every step of the way.

You may have questions about a child's transition to Bow Street School from other schools, and want information about the kind of education we provide. To make this as easy as possible we have an open policy, meaning you can contact us any time there is something you wish to discuss. No concerns is too great or too small.

In order for students to get all they can out of their time at Bow Street School and for you, the parent or carer, to have maximum peace of mind, we have outlined our commitments in a mission statement below.

In return, we ask all parent/carers to notify Bow Street School staff if their child will be absent from school at any time. This will help us to monitor student attendance and time-keeping.

Our Mission Statement

"Providing young people with a brighter future"

Our main objective is to 'provide young people with a bright future' by giving them the chance to learn in an environment that is best suited to their needs and abilities.

Bow Street School provides education to boys and girls of all abilities and is non-denominational. It offers a wide range of qualifications and awards through a holistic range of quality services.

Bow Street School is passionate about making a positive difference to the lives of others, and dedicates itself to building the confidence of the young people in its care.

We aim to empower students, enabling them to enjoy positive relationships, achieve their goals and unlock their potential.

Our team seeks to re-engage young people with education.

We will endeavour to build trusting relationships, which in turn will help the students to make informed choices and take responsibility for their own actions, while respecting others around them.

A full suite of school policies and procedures is in place. Please ask a member of staff if you would like printed copies.

The Bow Street 10-Point Pledge

We aim to ensure that:

  1. Everyone is treated with respect, kindness and understanding.
  2. No-one is disadvantaged educationally.
  3. All young people are encouraged to achieve and feel confident in their abilities.
  4. Young people have constant encouragement and know they have the ability to succeed according to their abilities.
  5. Students are encouraged to persevere and to know how to cope positively with both success and failure.
  6. We provide education without fear or anxiety in a well-structured environment, with clear rules and boundaries in place.
  7. Young people feel sufficiently confident to question and discover, explore and investigate, reflect and understand all areas of their education.
  8. All young people have their needs met as part of a continuous educational process.
  9. Recognise and meet the individual needs and potential of every pupil, in all aspects of learning, through a professional and caring approach.
  10. Our education is tailored to meet each individual’s needs.
Address. Bow Street, Bilston, WV14 7NB
Tel No. 01902 494 639 / 07904 217 207
Email. bowstreetschool@mail.com