"The school's work to promote pupils' personal development and welfare is outstanding."
"Effectiveness of leadership and management is Outstanding"
"Quality of teaching, learning and assessment is Outstanding"
"Overall effectiveness is Outstanding"
"Outcomes for pupils is Outstanding"

About Us

Pace Education has been making a positive difference to young people's lives since it was founded in 2005. Bow Street School as the sister company are now providing the service within the Wolverhampton and West Midlands area. As well as providing a vital lifeline to those who have been excluded from school and those on the verge of permanent exclusion, we also provide support to those at risk of exclusion. Our school is set up to help pupils who have become disengaged from their education, or young people who have found mainstream school a challenge.

We have assisted students who are subject to statements or need, and supported young people who are looked after. Our staff are experienced and equipped to help youngsters working through social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

As well as providing tailored education packages and behaviour management programmes, Bow Street school has established great working links with external agencies concerned with a young person's welfare, including: parents and carers; schools; local education authorities; SEN monitoring and assessment teams; youth offending services; children and young people’s services; local police; the school nurse and health service; careers advice; alcohol and drug awareness teams; and CAMHS.

Bow Street School aims to provide a quality service to all who pass through its doors. For a full list of Bow Street School’s aims, click here.

The PACE 10-Point Pledge

We aim to ensure that:

  1. Everyone is treated with respect, kindness and understanding.
  2. No-one is disadvantaged educationally.
  3. All young people are encouraged to achieve and feel confident in their abilities.
  4. Young people have constant encouragement and know they have the ability to succeed according to their abilities.
  5. Students are encouraged to persevere and to know how to cope positively with both success and failure.
  6. We provide education without fear or anxiety in a well-structured environment, with clear rules and boundaries in place.
  7. Young people feel sufficiently confident to question and discover, explore and investigate, reflect and understand all areas of their education.
  8. All young people have their needs met as part of a continuous educational process.
  9. Every young person has a Personalised Education Plan (PEP), Individual Education Plan (IEP) or a Personalised Learning Plan (PLP) where appropriate.
  10. Our education is tailored to meet each individual’s needs.
Address. Bow Street, Bilston, WV14 7NB

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